Here are three books recently updated that you can download. Free of charge!

Healing Alcoholism: An update of a book I wrote in the 70's when my specialty was alcoholism. A guide for psychotherapist and lay people who are impacted by alcohol and alcoholism's damaging influence.

Emotional Literacy; Intelligence with a heart: An update of my 1997 book Achieving Emotional Literacy which introduces a method for training people to become more emotionally skilled.

Cyberspsychology: A constantly updated, so far unpublished manuscript detailing the positive and negative influences of information machines on people.

When a Man Loves a Woman: Originally written in the 70's this was a good but flawed book. I have updated and improved it considerably. If you hated the original you may like this better.

The Other Side of Power: My best book in my opinion. All about power use and abuse. Power to the people!

Excellence in Aging; Twelve Strategies for Men: Nobody is getting any younger. Written at age 75 its proving prophetic

Actually you can download anything on this website. But these are whole books.


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